Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Putt the Olympic Athlete! with Rookie Sports

For the Make it! community workshops, as part of my freelance activity for Centre For Life, I joined forces with artist Dave Nicholson and Rookie Sports to design and deliver anatomy inspired golf workshops to school children at West Denton School and elderly residents at High Moor Court, Cowgate.

Putt the Olympic Athlete! was inspired by the 2012 Olympics and focuses on the digestive system of an athlete. Participants gained knowledge of human physiology as they played a competitive game of golf, putting their balls in each organ of the Olympic athlete’s digestive tract.



Putt the Olympic Athlete! was played by 2 teams of 2, playing for either the blue or red team. Each participant wore an apron of their team colour and were given an information sheet illustrating the Olympic athlete’s body. Beginning with the mouth, team members took turns to putt their golf balls in the corresponding holes of the digestive organs. With each successful putt, the team members fixed the corresponding felt organ onto their aprons and placed a sticker onto the information sheet next to the organ completed. Once all the organs had been successfully putted, each team member wore a complete digestive system and were awarded a certificate for the activity.

Putt the Olympic Athlete! at West Denton School

 Putt the Olympic Athlete! at High Moor Court, Cowgate

 Example of Putt the Olympic Athlete! worksheet and certificate

Established in 2004, Rookie Sports is a Social Enterprise based in Newcastle upon Tyne. They are committed to working with local communities, to bring people together in activities that can be enjoyed by all. There focus is on providing access for all and helping people improve their health, quality of life, increase their social networks and develop new skills.
Rookie Sports 

Dave Nicholson is an independent artist and project coordinator in Newcastle Upon Tyne. With a 10 year back ground in engineering practice, Dave has the ability to visualise, capture and create sculptural forms utilising a variety of materials, including reclaimed timber and everyday mechanics.
Contact Dave for commissions and project enquiries at

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