Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Upcoming performance at 25 Stratford Grove

Saturday 19th November at 25SG. Attendance via invitation

Having abstained from performance art for the past 7 years, Ive decided to bite the bullet and re-visit this territory for a one-off event at 25SG. 

A performance in the garage gallery – currently untitled  – will explore issues primarily from the seat of the self; my ‘self’, this being a purely intuitive performance devised from a momentary vision I had early one morning, several weeks back now.

I'm always conscious to secure the ‘universal’ reigns on all my artworks, so to stir them towards the path of others and restrain from becoming to self absorbed. But inevitable, they derive from me, and so, are essentially exploratory of ‘me’. This performance is no different, and if anything, serves as a greater challenge to the dissipated and self-indulgence for creative expression.

The concept...

From day to day, how conscious are we of our bodily presence? The space our bodies occupy and the profile we project onto our environments and others? On a sunny day, we may encounter a distorted view on the pavement, or experience a sense of our bodily boundaries during sexual intimacy...
From day to day, we layer ourselves in clothes to adorn, conceal, conform, accentuate, disguise our bodies’ profile.  Do these garments make who we are? Do they determine the feeling of being embodied in ones own skin?

Take away these fibrous layers and we are confronted with our skin; the ultimate layer that seperates us from the world. Confronted with this world, we embody this skin to protect, insulate, classify ourselves.  

What happens if this skin, and the body it shrouds, feels diseased, toxic, filthy, foreign, possessed, dangerous? What if the profile cast by such corporal form appears unruly, strange, deformed, unsafe?

The performance will explore the routine shedding and dressing of skins, using the artificial garment by proxy. It questions our subconscious consent or aversion to map our bodily presence, and the authority this has over our emotional and cognitive existence. The mapping of the body in motion - changing shape - leaving varying weights of traces - holds a mirror up to our self, our bodies and our skin, confirming the flux we breathe through.

To purge all pain, 2005
To purge all pain, 2005

To purge all pain, 2005

To purge all pain, 2005

 25 Stratford Grove

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