Tuesday, 14 June 2011

TAKE [variations] (hearts)

I received an invitation from Kris Canavan to respond to 'TAKE [variations]', a performance at Bruce Building in Newcastle, 13th May 2011.

Kris' performance was moving, captivating and enduring, as always.

He invited a group of artists to stand in for the still camera and moving image documentation, to record the performance via ones subjective experience. Then, in response, create piece(s) of artwork in any media we desired.

The space he inhabited and the actions I witnessed had a profound influence on my visions for the resulting artwork.Yet, I refrain from giving mere descriptions of the space, the performance, or even the experience of the event...

These artworks should have the space to breathe alone:

TAKE [variations] (hearts), 2011
The Justice of the Peace (1879), dressing pins, mixed media
50 x 28 x 8cm

TAKE [variations] (hearts), 2011
Pages from The Justice of the Peace (1879), mixed media
22 x 17 x 10cm

Other artists participating in TAKE [variations] documentation : Nicola Canavan, Juli Watson, Kimberly Emeny, Carole Luby, Ben Lawson, Ben Ponton, Lee Callaghan, Artist Smiths, Sofia Mattioli

An exhibition of the artworks is scheduled for 2012.

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