Thursday, 27 October 2011

Found photographs

A collection of found photographs, accumulated over the past year.

Each one has a distinct appearance/feature/composition that I intend to take forward. The physical condition of the photograph, with is crumpled edges and folded seams: the composition of the portrait: the over-exposure: the blurry appearance: the typography beneath the portrait: the materiality of the photography: the pallet of photographic shades...

To inspire a body of drawings...or something of the sort.

Who are these people?

How long did they sit for the duration of the photograph?

And on a more personal level:

I encounter this photograph every time I visit home. And I remember having it taken. A family holiday at Butlins. I was 6 years old. I sprained my ankle by falling down a rabbit hole. My ankle has been weak ever since.

I'm in love with the discoloration. Day in day out, daylight has rendered the photograph in aqua tint. An natural form of sepia maybe...?

A huge source of inspiration at the moment:

If I had the funds, I would purchase and crown it as my 'bible'.

Certainly something to take forward.

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