Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Desperate Artwives

A previous exhibition acquaintance emailed me the other day, forwarding the details of an arts group they felt I would be interested in...

We are a group of women and artists who have been putting our “artistic needs” on hold to attend to our family and work duties, but who have also never forgotten who we really are at heart.We are now ready to reclaim our artist status and are looking for others who feel they belong to this category to join our group.

Desperate Artwives aims to be a starting point and a common platform to gather artists and artwork that will make our project unique. We are looking for work that is entirely created at home, in between chores, family and paying bills.

All artwork will be showcased on this site, while a smaller selection will join the Desperate Artwives group in our upcoming exhibition in London next year.

And so, I expressed my interest to the organiser, who promptly reply "you are totally up my street! I love your miniatures, they are so incredibly powerful!"

Needless to say,  I submitted 26 artworks for the website, and proposed a new body of miniatures for the upcoming exhibition in London.

Rachael Allen's artwork for Desperate Artwives

Desperate Artwives on Facebook 

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